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Rozie gave birth to a healthy female calf on October 2, 2013.
The newest addition is the third elephant born in New Mexico. Rozie was the first elephant born at the ABQ BioPark Zoo back in 1992. She gave birth to Daizy, her first calf, in 2009. The multi-generation herd includes Rozie, ...
2013-10-03   Albuquerque, United States Category: birth

Former elephant trainer at Benson’s remembers
Bret Bronson practically shared a home with elephants. But he hardly recognizes that home away from home now, 15 years after he and his pachyderms said goodbye to the 165-acre tract that was once Benson’s Wild Animal Farm. ...
2010-10-05   Hudson, United States Category: people

Southern Africa's elephants: treasured killers
Elephants are a harrowing threat to villagers and their crops. But they bring in tourists (and their money), and are rigorously protected -- more so than humans, critics say. Reporting from Katubya, Zambia - Here's how to pit...
2009-11-07   Los Angeles, United States Category: conflict

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards, who died on March 23 aged 73, was the co-founder of the World Elephant Polo Championships, which are held in Nepal each year. Although there is some evidence that the game may have been played in India in the ear...
2009-03-27   London, United Kingdom Category: people

Ownership of Benson's Wild Animal Farm now with Hudson
Sure, it was huge, full of fun rides and oddball sights, and loaded with animals you'd usually have to leave the United States to see. But still, you'd think it would get old after a while, given it was so close by, right in ...
2009-01-10   Hudson, United States Category: zoo

Baa-my pair are best of friends
THIS baa-my pair are inseparable after they struck up an unlikely friendship. Orphaned baby elephant Themba was unable to feed himself and faced certain death until Albert the sheep provided some much needed company. The pair...
2008-11-10   Eastern Cape, South Africa Category: misc

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