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Egypt Called Major Hub of Illegal Ivory Trade
A new report names Egypt as the center of illegal ivory trade and smuggling in Africa. With the political unrest of the Arab Spring, illegal ivory outlets and workshops have done a booming business. The report, which appears ...
2012-01-31   Cairo, Egypt Category: trade

Fossils of possible new jumbo species found
The scientists from the Northeastern Research Institute of Petrified Wood and Mineral Resources of Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University found seven pieces of fossil tooth in Nakhon Ratchasima´s Chalerm Phrakiat distric...
2011-06-04   Bangkok, Thailand Category: fossil

Doubts over Cairo's historic zoo
Visitors are allowed to feed the animals, including the hippopotamus who gobbles down handfuls of clover. Children can have their photographs taken with a lion cub or baby chimpanzee - or even with their heads inside the mout...
2009-09-09   Cairo, Egypt Category: zoo

How Islam Came to Germany
Various sources relate that Charlemagne established diplomatic relations with this Abbasid ruler Caliph Harun al-Rashid in the year 797 or 801. Both sides reportedly guaranteed freedom of belief for members of the other relig...
2008-06-16   Hamburg, Germany Category: misc

Butchered Camels Spark National Outcry to Fix Egypt's Giza Zoo
In most world zoos, employees feed and care for the animals. At Egypt's Giza Zoo, workers turn them into dinner or sell them as pets. The zoo is a living example of the mess our country has become, said Ahmed El-Sherbiny, cha...
2008-05-29   Cairo, Egypt Category: welfare

Elephant had aquatic ancestor
Moeritherium, an ancient ancestor of the elephant from 37 million years ago lived in water and had a similar lifestyle to a hippo, a fossil study has suggested. The animal was said to be similar to a tapir, a hoofed mammal wh...
2008-04-15   New York, United States Category: evolution

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