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Adelaide, remember when Samorn the elephant and George the orangutan lived at the zoo?
A gift from the king of Thailand in 1956, Samorn the elephant charmed children and adults alike at the zoo for 35 years by hauling them around the zoo grounds in a cart. Meaning "beautiful lady" in Thai, Samorn was admired by...
2014-02-06   Adelaide, Australia Category: zoo

Bioethics of a Mammoth Size
A group of Australian scientists managed to revive a primary component of mammoth blood, revealing, within a research published on Nature Genetics, how the colossal ancestors of modern elephants could survive in the Arctic ar...
2010-05-28   Adelaide, Australia Category: research

Mammoth blood protein resurrected by scientists
Scientists have discovered genetic mutations that allowed woolly mammoths to survive freezing temperatures. Nature Genetics reports that scientists "resurrected" a mammoth blood protein to come to their finding. This protein...
2010-05-04   Winnipeg, Canada Category: evolution

DNA Discovery May Bring Long-extinct Wooly Mammoth Back to Life
Scientists have mapped out most of the genetic code of the wooly mammoth, marking the first time an extinct animal’s DNA has been decoded and raising the possibility that the creature could be cloned and return to life. Woo...
2008-12-10   Pennsylvania, United States Category: research

Mae Mai & Thong Bai. Unconditional Love Aug 06
In January 2005 we rescued two mature elephants. Mae Mai arrived at the park on the 25th and, on the 30th,we welcomed Thong Bai. Thong Bai became seriously ill in July with a sickness lasting for over two weeks. Mae Mai never...
2006-08-06   Chiang Mai, Thailand Category: death

Jumbos stuck in holding pattern
More than $50 million has been spent to import an endangered species but the plan is unravelling, writes Andrew Darby. In the confines of a quarantine station in Thailand, nine Asian elephants are waiting to start new lives i...
2005-03-25   Sydney, Australia Category: relocation

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